fishing report upper red lake

no early ice this year just now freezing over first two hundred yards poor ice we should be making good ice if there is little snow as the temps will be below freezing almost every evening. reports of 3 to 5 inches. use extreme caution.   foot traffic at most resorts call them first be safe bring a buddy. here at the big red lake we do not have ice making machines MOTHER NATURE will determine when the houses will be out hoping by the 18th good luck for those venturing out on foot Jerome alpine fish house rentals

Alpine Sleeper Houses on Upper Red Lake

We are out on the lake! We are out 1.3 miles on 12-15 inches of ice. My guest are having a great time catching fish! The fish seem to be biting on just about anything you present. Best bite is early morning & evening & then 10am-2pm with a bite that is consistant all day. If you have not booked with us-now is the time to give us a call. We would love to have you as out guests.
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red lake report

The walleye bit is difinetly on. The lake pressure has got me a little concerned, there is   a mass of fishing folks hitting the lake at around 5:30am every day, this goes on til around 2:30pm.  The nice thing about having a motel here is I get reports from all over the lake and not just from one resort, ice reports are anywhere from 9″ to13″ in almost all spots with a few reports of more.  The fishing has been good for most with everyone catching fish.  The 8 to 9 feet range still is good.  Dress well, keep warm, catch fish, keep away from others and remember, ALPINE IS MOVING THEIR HOUSES ON UPPER RED LAKE BY THE END OF THE WEEK.



upper red lake ice conditions

well another ice fishing season is beginning this week as a few resorts will be letting foot traffic and ATV on the ice. There is reported to be 2 to 4 inches, however, for you I would strongly recommend that you check it every few yards at first.  The cold weather is really helping with making good ice. Fishing should be good with early ice and has been all year. Expect to see some slot and maybe limit changes . Think safety…. Jerome  Aipine Fish House Rentals

upper red lake ——-lake and fishing report

mother nature let us know who was in charge last week first the snow then the cold the cold is good ,making more ice and freezing up those slush spots the fishing was poor the first days of cold and always, once the temps stabilize a little the fishing picks up, by this coming week-end most of alpines fish houses will be on the big red lake. so far my fishermen have had real good luck with walleyes and a few northern. no wheel traffic is recommended as of now, that will change soon—– remember be safe think real hard before you head out, Jerome Alpine Rentals

Red lake ice conditions

we are making ice. 3-5inches more and less in spots had some guys out about 500 yds. fishing was poor at best , which is usually the case after a wind and then freeze up.if you insist on trying to go out before more ice please be careful and check ice every few yds. good luck Jerome Alpine fish house rentals

Upper Red Lake Fishing Report by Alpine Sleeper House Rentals

Upper Red Lake area fishing report and lake conditions. We are able to get  across the pressure ridge on one of the only roads left. My guests are doing very well for the 1st of February. The ice is to the point of using the auger extension now.  Since the last big snow fall the lake conditions have changed. Most travel is limited to roads. If you want to go ba-haing at fast speed across the lake beware of ice chucks which like to punch holes in oil pans.  Fishing is very consistent in spite of cold weather with all catching numbers of fish. It is good to see a lot of happy fishermen/gals.  A plain hook and a small jigging spoon still seems to be the ticket. They have been pulling in walleyes, northern, perch & a few crappie here on Red Lake.   Alpine Fishing House Rentals.       Jerome        For reservations call 218-647-8379


Upper Red Lake report by Alpine Fish House Rentals

Traffic on the big Upper Red Lake has slowed after the holidays. Fishing in 12′ seens to be good for most with everyone catching fish. Some more than others. The rush to center bar seems to be over with. Which happens every year after a week of heavy fishing pressure. You can still drive anywhere on the lake with ice 19 to 21 inches thick. There is now a pressure ridge that has developed in the last few days that you should watch for. Rainbow & fatheads seems to be the ticket through out the day & shiners good in the evening. With the soft bite on some days jigging with a minnow head works fine.
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