red lake report

The walleye bit is difinetly on. The lake pressure has got me a little concerned, there is   a mass of fishing folks hitting the lake at around 5:30am every day, this goes on til around 2:30pm.  The nice thing about having a motel here is I get reports from all over the lake and not just from one resort, ice reports are anywhere from 9″ to13″ in almost all spots with a few reports of more.  The fishing has been good for most with everyone catching fish.  The 8 to 9 feet range still is good.  Dress well, keep warm, catch fish, keep away from others and remember, ALPINE IS MOVING THEIR HOUSES ON UPPER RED LAKE BY THE END OF THE WEEK.



upper red lake ice conditions

well another ice fishing season is beginning this week as a few resorts will be letting foot traffic and ATV on the ice. There is reported to be 2 to 4 inches, however, for you I would strongly recommend that you check it every few yards at first.  The cold weather is really helping with making good ice. Fishing should be good with early ice and has been all year. Expect to see some slot and maybe limit changes . Think safety…. Jerome  Aipine Fish House Rentals