Upper Red Lake Fishing Report by Alpine Sleeper House Rentals

Upper Red Lake area fishing report and lake conditions. We are able to get  across the pressure ridge on one of the only roads left. My guests are doing very well for the 1st of February. The ice is to the point of using the auger extension now.  Since the last big snow fall the lake conditions have changed. Most travel is limited to roads. If you want to go ba-haing at fast speed across the lake beware of ice chucks which like to punch holes in oil pans.  Fishing is very consistent in spite of cold weather with all catching numbers of fish. It is good to see a lot of happy fishermen/gals.  A plain hook and a small jigging spoon still seems to be the ticket. They have been pulling in walleyes, northern, perch & a few crappie here on Red Lake.   Alpine Fishing House Rentals.  redlakemnicefishing.com       Jerome        For reservations call 218-647-8379